Is it too much to ask for...

I figure i should let you all know the basics. I'm Sarah. I'm 20. I'm from Liverpool. (yes yes i am a scouser... unfortunately and yes i do have the accent, unfortunately) I Hate the way i look, so i try and do something about it. I fail. That is pretty much it. Oh and Panic! At The Disco are my life.

I finally get to have my consultation with the plastic surgeon.

As of my weigh in 2 weeks ago… i was only 5Lbs away from that goal. I’m going to get weighed tomorrow.

I hope that this time next week i will have my date set for my consultation XD

And then hopefully this time a few months down the line ill have a new body, a chest that doesn’t look revoltingly odd and a new¬†lease of life.


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